The garden of forking paths

João Pinharanda

Posto de trabalho

Woods and forests, places held as sacred by all cultures, but particularly cherished in the Mediterranean or Northern European worlds, can, however, be quite different among themselves: havens of peace and kindness or haunts of unfamiliarity and fear. Gentle springs, welcoming shades, luminous clearings, delicate melodies from birds or magical beings suffused with joyous eroticism, […]

Barra das Almas

Luisa Soares de Oliveira

How are we to represent time? How, through an image, can we convey such a fleeting and elusive concept, which we experience in words as duration, movement and change, and yet which seems so intimately bound up with our very being that we are unable to achieve enough distance to properly comprehend it? As we […]

Life in death

Sérgio B. Gomes and Valter Vinagre

Animais de Estimação de Valter Vinagre

There are photographs that insist on treading the thorniest, least obvious paths. These kinds of photos revel in provocation, suggestion, irony and artfulness, without ever having to resort to floral gameplaying or Baroque zigzags. This is not about taking the bend at speed to see if the vehicle can take it; it’s about taking the […]

For Future Remembrance

Celso Martins

Photography’s relationship with death goes back a long way. It is also very complex. For one, the photographic image in its early years gratified all sorts of fetishes, from physical deformities to bizarre occurrences. Death, and with it the physical evidence of the corpse, was part of this (almost) timeless desire for presence that photography, […]