Portugal, 2003.

Valter Vinagre’s photographs for the séries PARA do not show people, but clearly speak of them. They do so surreptitiously – as surreptitiously as the phenomenon they describe, this is a doleful homage to people that disappeared from the world of the living in a split second- perhaps because the road surfasse was uneven, because the bend was slanted in “ the wrong direction”, because there was oil or rain on the roa dor because someone miscalculated how muhc time they would need to overtake or got distracted lighting up a cigarrette or changing a CD… Because, because, because… the reasons are not importante here.
These pictures do not penetrate the immediate journalistic circuit of death. Reather, they speak of pain in the abstract, without abandoning it altogether.

Celso Martins, Lisboa Novembro de 2006

in, Para memória futura. Texto para o livro “PARA”. Ed.Assirio&Alvim, Lisboa