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“MONTE SIANO” – Exhibition at BIBLIOTECA MUNICIPAL DA NAZARÉ – Opening day 8 January 2011 0

Exhibition Opening Day, 8 January, 2011. Until 3 february, 2011.

Cartaz de divulgação da Exposição de fotografia \"Monte Siano\" de Valter Vinagre, na Biblioteca Municipal da Nazaré

Happy New Year 2011!!! 0

Valter Vinagre deseja-lhe um bom ano de 2011

Valter Vinagre deseja-lhe um bom ano de 2011

“TAKE IT AND EAT IT” – Exhibition 0

Do livro \"TOMA-O, E COME-O\" editado pela Assírio e Alvim.


Photography by Valter Vinagre
Local : Museu Etnográfico da Praia de Mira

Av. da Barrinha, s/n

Hours: Monday to Friday 09h00-12h30 e 14h00 – 17h30

Saturday.Sunday: 10h00-13h00 e 14h00- 18h00

Until, 30 December, 2010.

This is a photography exhibition which is the result of transfering photos made by Valter Vinagre on works done at Quinta das Lagrimas by chef Lourenco accompanied by a text by Jose Tolentino Mendonca for the book “The Bible told through flavours (Assirio & Alvim, Lisboa October 2007)

(…)Between reading and eating – the Bible suggests – there is an affinity that extends beyond metaphor. The Bible is literally to be eaten. It is fragrant, recondite, vast as a celestial banquet, intimate as the meals our mother made, agreeable to the palate, ingenious, profuse and worthwhile. In it, we can find descriptions of lush profane bowers and sacred food offerings, asceticism and pleasure, sporadic hunting trips and feasts on fattened hogs, the frugal fare of the traveller and long-awaited banquets. It is not so strange, therefore, that we should wish to look carefully at the Biblical cuisine. Or to risk a translation, a transposition, not of words but of tastes. The Bible told through its tastes. A voracious reading.(…)

José Tolentino Mendonça. 2007

Valter Vinagre (Avelãs de Caminho,1954), is member of the photographers colective Kameraphoto (Lisboa).

PAIXÃO by Valter Vinagre 0

CHAPITÔ and KAMERAPHOTO would like to invite you to the inauguration of ‘PAIXÃO’ with photos by VALTER VINAGRE.

The inauguration will be next Wednesday, March 24th, at 10pm in Bartô do Chapitô and the exhibition will stay until May 25th 2010 (Tuesday to Sunday, from 10pm to 2am)

telephone: 218 861 494

BESart Collection 0

Valter Vinagre represented with two photographs in the exhibition, “The Present: an Infinite Dimension” curated by María de Corral and Lorena Martinez de Corral, based in the collection of the BESart photography. “The BESart Collection provides a representative sample of international contemporary photography and the most significant example of contemporary photography in Portugal, from the pioneers of modernity to the youngest creators. It follows a path that traces the technical evolution of photographic representation: from portrait to landscape, from fiction to reality.”

Valter Vinagre, da série: Variações para um fruto, 2005

Valter Vinagre, from the serie: Variações para um fruto, 2005

Valter Vinagre (1954, Avelãs de Caminho, Anadia, Portugal) is a photographer who creates images of reality without limiting it to defined typologies or subjects. A place in the city, travel and the landscape all may be the subjects of his work, but they do not determine it. Rather they are part of a reflection on reality in a game in which metaphors, portraits and gestures are hidden and then uncovered. This approach, removed from the genre of documentary, may be found in works like Carta do Sentir, a series exhibited at Galeria do Palácio as part of the Vila Franca de Xira Photography Biennale, in 2001, or in Bored in the USA, exhibited for the first time at Museu do Hospital e da Cidade, in Caldas da Rainha, in 2002.

The two works presented here are part of the series Variações para um Fruto [Variations for a Fruit], dedicated to the growth cycle of cherries in the Fundão
region, in Beira Baixa. Similar to other works, it resulted from a practice that transforms the original motive into raw material for parabolas or small, suspended stories. For this set of photographs, Valter Vinagre took inspiration from popular legends and religious metaphors (associated to cherries and the cherry tree), before determining his intervention, as photographer, in time and space. Myths, fables and concrete realities are interspersed as they portray the relation between nature and man: an empty ladder leaning against a tree or a lonely fire, among other images. However, separated from the time sequence that underpins the series, the photographs in this exhibition can survive on their own. The first one shows a cherry tree, which, like a respectable elder, seems to accept the passage of time with dignity. The other depicts a landscape in which a sound or a movement is expected at any moment. In 1996 Valter Vinagre received the 6th Vila Franca de Xira Photography Biennale Award.
José Marmeleira

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Valter Vinagre, da série: Variações para um fruto, 2005

Valter Vinagre, from the serie: Variações para um fruto, 2005

Lisbon Art 0

Valter Vinagre, represented by VPF Cream Art Gallery (stand C22), participates with three photos in the Lisbon Art, a contemporary art fair that takes place in the International Fair of Lisbon (FIL), from the 19th to the 24th November.

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