Posto de trabalho

Work Station

The photographs that I present in this series “Work Station” don’t show people, but it is of people that they speak. We have here ephemeral constructions and spaces that shelter and hide underground labour activity.

Barra das Almas

“As we peruse this series of photographs, “Barra das Almas” by Valter Vinagre, we know instinctively that, despite their recent date, they hark back to a time that is not our own – a pre-modern age, when lives were not yet governed by machines and when the hours and days were regulated by ancient calendars. There are no mature men and women in these pictures – only an elderly couple, and a child, adorned with fruit like a young pagan god reopening the cycle of life, which, we guess, is soon to close. “


How do you photograph silence? How do you photograph what is invisible or veiled? This is a problem since photography exists – indeed, since image exists. Whether because concepts, rather than tangible realities, are at stake, or because such realities are totally hidden from the eye of the camera. Domestic violence, understood as a broad […]


Húmus, by Valter Vinagre (Avelãs de Caminho, 1954), is a retrospective look at the whole of his work spanning the period between 1988 and 2009. This journey through his several different books and photographic series includes approximately seventy printed works in different formats. The guiding thread of this exhibition is a fragmented exploration of some […]


Portugal, 2003. Valter Vinagre’s photographs for the séries PARA do not show people, but clearly speak of them. They do so surreptitiously – as surreptitiously as the phenomenon they describe, this is a doleful homage to people that disappeared from the world of the living in a split second- perhaps because the road surfasse was […]